Def Leppard / Journey concert in Dallas at the American Airlines Center. This was  the 2018 tour and featured 2 bands we have enjoyed since the wonderful 80’s. Def Leppard is our number one and we go all in with the meet-n-greet package. We ended up with the 2 closest seats next to the walkout. This was precisely where lead guitarists Phil Collen and Vivian Campbell were planted when they kicked off my favorite song ever, “Photograph”.

Everything came together for one of our best concert experiences ever !

Now back to the best part of the evening (the cover shot photo above). Is is a rare moment with fame (your idols) and you have seconds to make the most of it. I had already learned that you can bring in a guitar as a prop for your photo. This year I wanted to take it a step further and dress the part of Phil Collen. I was nervous that I would be told that I had to wear a shirt or something stupid like that. I removed my shirt in front of everyone and draped it on the side like Phil, and strapped on my PRS electric guitar. The muscled-up bodyguard looked up at me, recognized my impression and replied “that is awesome”.  So, I knew I was in.

As we entered to initially shake hands with each member, the first comment immediately came from Joe Elliott, “Well, this is weird”. I brought out a response from the lead singer and again I pulled off the resemblance of Phil Collen, win-win. A second reaction from Joe as I reached out to shake his hand. He pulled back his hand, indicating that I probably had body-oil on my hand. Realize Phil Collen oils up before a concert. Long story short, shook hands with Joe and all the rest who were gracious and friendly. Got the photo of a lifetime with Def Leppard, along with my stunning wife. Oh, and walking out after our visit, someone among the waiting fans yelled out “It’s Phil Collen”. As everyone looked up at me, I could only wave to my fans, as me and my hot wife exited from the backstage area.


Rock song ever !!

There is a lot of great talent out there in the world. The players in cover bands can reproduce our favorite songs almost perfectly. What is comes down to, however, are the songwriters and players who CREATE something from nothing. The legendary songs and sounds that withstand the test of time. Def Leppard IS one of the greats who gave us the amplified, distorted rock music that transmits energy into the human body. Put their tracks with your workout music. You will probably hurt yourself.


The 80’s were the greatest decade ever. Going to Highland Appliance and listening to these huge A/V surround-sound systems. They were interconnected, so you can add monster sound to movies or make a cruise cassette tape from CDs. The demo was always playing the Top Gun movie opening or MTV music videos like that “Refrigerators and Chicks for free” song and Photograph from Def Leppard. Yep, life doesn’t get any better.


Inspiring def leppard story


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