We needed a place to place to set our beverages and snacks while enjoying the outdoor spa. We already had 3 ingredients. Branches from a Bradford Pear, solar lights and some leftover IPE wood.

We needed a place to set our beverages and snacks while enjoying the outdoor spa

The first step was to cut the branches into 4 legs and a central beam. I cut notches into the branches so that I could connect the limbs together with glue and deck screws. Milwaukee M18 multi-tool made that possible.

Base made from Bradford Pear branches

We had some multi-color solar lights that were losing their capabilities to charge, and they definitely weren’t going to recharge under the deck cover. I bought a 3 volt power supply and wired the “formerly” solar lights for real time power. 3 volts is not exactly the required voltage, but it seems to work just fine.

Wired up the lights to 3v adapter. No sun required.

The final step was building a table top by leveling some cross beams of tree branches and covering with the IPE planks. The IPE is a Brazilian hardwood which makes it perfect for the outdoors. Sanded and finished off with stain for dramatic effect and protection. Additionally I stained the branches which gave the base a nice look.

Completed Project
Definitely a one-of-a-kind table

Making use of some spare parts lying around the house